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BruceWorks helps our customers remodel their property to enhance their lifestyle.

We approach every project with a passion because we are excited about the work we do. We make our customers smile by giving sound advice, realistic timeframes, and true value for money.

We take pride in our work and strive to over-deliver. By minimizing outsourcing we control costs, limit risks for our clients, and improve accuracy and attention to detail.

We are approachable, offering a personal service and respond quickly to ensure customer satisfaction.

Testimonial – ‘positive and successful’

To whom it may concern,

Bruce Works have carried out three projects at the above property:

1. The first project, in the back garden, was undertaken in December/January 2007-08;

2. The second, in the front garden, in January/February 2009;

3. The third, the installation of a vergola and pergola, in April 2011

We live with the results of the first project for several months prior to deciding to use the company again for the second. Work carried out during the first two projects included extensive landscaping and building elements. There was then a longer gap prior to the third project, therefore we had lived with and fully appreciated the quality and utility of the previous projects for over two years prior to deciding to utilise Bruceworks’ services for a third time.

Our observations regarding Bruceworks are summarised below:

The initial contact for each project was with Managing Director Bruce Cross, who visited the property in order to prepare a quotation. He listens to our ideas as to what is required, and is then able to make suggestions which expand on those ideas and develop them further. The end result being that the final agreed plans are imaginative, but practical, exceed our original expectations, and within our budget.

During the second and third projects the team on site realised that a variation to the original plans would improve the overall concept, and after consultation this suggestion was adopted.

Various additional products and ideas were suggested that, after consideration, we did not   wish to include, and once this had been stated there was no pressure for them to be  incorporated.

During our many contacts with Bruce he has been cheerful, helpful and confident.

The workmen and contractors employed by Bruceworks are amiable and have all been good  quality workmen who take a pride in the end result. They were considerate of the fact that we had to live on the property whilst the projects were ongoing, and were able to work around us with minimal disruption to ourselves and our neighbours.

We were always informed when to expect the workmen, and they arrived on time.

The overall time scale of the projects was adhered to as much as was feasible.

The office and administration staffs at Bruceworks’ Pialligo base are helpful and efficient.

Bruceworks were able to deal effectively with building regulations required during the projects, such as council approval, and other necessary administration.

One complication of our making during the first project was that when we saw how well work was progressing we requested an expansion to the scope of the project.

Bruceworks were able  to successfully integrate the requested changes into the overall plans.

The quality of the materials used during the projects has been excellent.

Any issues that have arisen, either during or after completion of the projects, have been dealt with satisfactorily and with a minimum of quibbling.

All work undertaken by Bruceworks on our property has been completed to our satisfaction and continues to enhance, and add value to, the property.

We also consider that we have received value for money from our projects.

In summary, our experience in using Bruceworks to undertake work on our property has been positive and successful, and we would have no hesitation in using the company again.

Also, we would be willing, with prior notice, to be used as a reference site for the company.

Yours faithfully

Joan C E Guy
J Alison Pickard
Stephen G Pickard

Testimonials – ‘high quality of workmanship’

Dear Bruce

We would like to thank you and your team for the excellent work in building our new sun room, kitchen and deck extension. We could not be happier with the result.

We are very grateful to you Bruce for your support and assistance throughout the project. You were able to come up with some really creative solutions and helped us to realise a great design. Your ongoing support in getting the plans developed, getting all relevant approvals, your oversight of the project, and your flexibility were all greatly appreciated. You also engaged a great team of sub-contractors. In particular your choice of a wonderful kitchen designer and joiner has given us a kitchen that is a delight to use. Your personal attention throughout the project has helped to make it a worry-free exercise for us.

We were also very impressed with your building team led by Glenn. His attention to detail and his willingness to answer our questions and explain what was going on meant that we always felt we were informed and engaged with the work. Glenn’s team were also very professional, always courteous, kept the site as clean as possible during the whole construction phase and were always mindful of limiting as much as possible any disruption to our daily routine while the extension work proceeded.

A final thanks to Sarah in the office, whose customer service is simply wonderful. Sarah regularly kept us aware of things as the work progressed and was always very responsive and helpful.

When we started on this extension to our home we could not have imagined just how well it has worked out and what a wonderful difference it has made to the way our family uses the space. We can honestly say that everyone who has seen the new extension has been genuinely impressed with the design and the high quality of workmanship.

We would not hesitate to use BruceWorks again if we ever need to have work done in the future, and we are more than happy to recommend your company to our relatives and friends, and to anyone considering having an extension done to their home.

Yours sincerely
Meagan and Graeme Petteit

Testimonials – ‘on time on budget’

“It is not often these days that one can say ‘On time, on budget and according to plan’. Add to this flexibility about making small changes to accommodate the client’s preferences and you have a happy customer.

I first hired Bruceworks to landscape my front garden. In spite of a few battles with the drought I now have the sort of front garden I wanted. Late last year, 2008, I again hired Bruceworks to redevelop my back garden. It is coming on well and promises to produce just the effect I want.”

Margaret, Macquarie

Testimonials – ‘efficient and well managed’

Hi All,

Peter and I wanted to thank you all for the absolutely wonderful job you have done. We have built new homes a number of times and have also undergone major renovations to our latest home- needless to say we have ample experience with tradesmen, building and project management.

This latest project- major landscaping- has been one of the most efficient and well managed we have undertaken. The professionalism and attention to detail each of you undertook was greatly appreciated.

From respecting our home by cleaning the site each day to fixing our broken gate was truly beyond our expectations and previous experience.

When we sought clarification or requested amendments we were listened to and answered openly and honestly. The final job has added great value to our home and much enjoyment to our lifestyle.

Thank you all very much!

Louise Merkel

Testimonials – ‘Our main priority here was to ensure the quality of the finished product met our (fairly exacting) expectations. We can say this has certainly been the case’ 

We engaged the Bruceworks team to perform a complete garden renovation. For context we have a sloping block with multiple retaining walls spread over a number of levels. These were all damaged or deteriorated and required substantial work to rebuild or fix. In addition, we took the opportunity to put in new lawns, plants, much and stones, automatic watering system and paths/paving. We also engaged the Bruceworks team to paint the exterior of our house and associated garden walls. To put this all into place, Bruce and his team assisted us with a design to our specifications and budget. Once engaged we had visibility of the project plan helping to manage our expectations around which activities happened when.

Given the scale of works undertaken, we met and interacted with numerous members of the Bruceworks team. Our main priority here was to ensure the quality of the finished product met our (fairly exacting) expectations. We can say this has certainly been the case, in our experience. In addition to this, we had regular interactions with the various teams throughout the process and found them all friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, skillful, and willing to address our questions or take on board our feedback.

It would be remiss of us not to mention Bruce himself. Bruce is definitely hands on, and takes personal pride in the outcomes his team delivers. We found him personable and practical while also offering creating ideas that we could modify as required to suit our personal taste. The best thing we can say is we would definitely use Bruceworks again, should the need arise.

Robyn & Stuart Chaplin



Testimonials – ‘the project went promptly and efficiently’

I Engaged Bruceworks, who assisted in design and ideas. Once started the project went promptly and efficiently. Bruce himself was actively involved and made good suggestions during the build. All good, happy to recommend and have engaged Bruceworks for further work. Happy with work and project outcomes


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