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Water Gardening

Transform your garden

Water has always been a very popular design feature in the garden. Whether it is a watercourse, a fountain display, a waterfall or a garden pond – water can transform any garden into an individual masterpiece.

BruceWorks offers a complete range of pond and pump products – as well as the experience and service to best support the construction and maintenance of your water feature. Quality brands stocked include Pondmax and Oase.

Pondmax pond pump and accessories price list: pond-and-accesories-2

Note: We do not always have stock on hand – Please contact us to confirm if we have it in stock.

Formal and Informal Ponds

BruceWorks has a range of ponds in shape and sizes, we stock formal and informal ponds.

Pond Tips Do’s and Don’ts – Pond advice – Do’s and Don’ts

Biofilters – Biofilter information handout

Formal Ponds –Formal Ponds

Informal Ponds

Coquetdale Pond Coquetdale 113lt 

1120 x 860 x 340mm

$109.95 each

Argyle pond  Argyle 185lt 

1690 x 1120 x 420mm

$209.95 each

Coniston Pond Coniston 594lt

2250 x 1350 x 500mm

$339.95 each

Tahoe Pond Tahoe 316lt

1350 x 1080 x 500mm

$269.95 each

Dragonfly Pond Dragonfly 316lt

1300 x 1100 x 500mm

$219.95 each

Lakeland Pond Lakeland 800lt

2300 x 1340 x 570mm

$314.95 each

Windermere Pond Windermere 594lt

1900 x 1320 x 480mm

$299.95 each

Ennerdale Pond Ennerdale 432lt

1690 x 1200 x 420mm

$209.95 each

 Ozpond 120lt Ozpond 120lt

889 x 635 x 305mm

$197.95 each

 Ozpond 150lt Ozpond 150lt

991 x 711 x 381mm

$230.95 each

 Ozpond 250lt Ozpond 250lt

1499 x 762 x 457mm

$412.95 each

 Ozpond 350lt Ozpond 350lt

1499 x 991 x 457mm

$460.95 each

Ozpond 600lt Ozpond 600lt

1803 x 1270 x 457mm

$542.95 each

Ozpond 750lt Ozpond 750lt

2286 x 1473 x 457mm

$705.95 each

Ozpond 1000lt Ozpond 1000lt

2388 x 1473 x 457mm

$824.95 each

Ozstream connecting water course Ozstream connecting water course

1220 x 625 x 225mm

$115.95 each

Note: We do not always have stock on hand – Please contact us to confirm if we have it in stock.

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