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Organic Black gold soil

Bulk & bagged

BruceWorks can supply a range of soils (and sands) including the famous Black Gold Nitro Humus which is perfect for most general garden applications (see below).

Many of these products are available as either bulk deliveries or as bagged products. Or simply bring in your own trailer and we can load you up with whatever you need. We can also make sure you have the right soil for the right job – see also mulches  or pebbles

Product description
Black Gold Nitro Humus
Premium Turf Underlay
Nitro Top Soil
Washed River Sand
Brickies Sand – red/yellow/white
Blue Metal Dust
Concrete Mix – seasonal
Road Base (DGB 20mm)
Sub-Base 20mm
Beach Sand – seasonal
Beach Sand – 1 tonne Bulka Bag
Aggregate / drainage 10mm/20mm
Native / Vegie Mix Soil

Pricing / availability can change without notice – Delivery from $85

Conditions of delivery: The Supplier’s responsibility for delivery of materials will cease at the kerbside of the job address stated. If it is necessary for a vehicle to cross the foot path or to enter upon private property in the course of effecting the delivery, the purchaser will provide safe and adequate access and notwithstanding will pay for all the damage of any public or private, towing and every injury or wrong which may result therefrom.

It is the delivery driver’s responsibility of judgement as to deem a work safe delivery environment

Soils / sand / cement – bagged products

Product description bag size
Black Gold Nitro Humus 30ltr
Indoor and Outdoor potting mix 30ltr
Organic Advance Plus Fertiliser 20kg
Top Lawn Dressing 25ltr
Cow Manure 25-30ltr
Washed River Sand 20kg
ANL Super 6 20kg
Dried Sand (For synthetic grass) 20kg
Sand & Cement 20kg
Builders Cement 20kg
Rapid/Quick Set 20kg

Note: pricing and availability can change without notice – please contact us to confirm.

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