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Garden Maintenance

The Attention Your Garden Needs

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t have the time to keep your garden looking splendid, or doesn’t want the hassle of spending hours weeding or pruning shrubs, then

BruceWorks can do it all for you. Plus, we can give your garden the personal attention that it needs to really shine – and bloom.

We offer an extensive list of maintenance services suitable for both residential and commercial properties and can develop a plan to suit your specific garden. We also offer a range of Garden Maintenance Packages – giving you total annual management.

Annual Plan

To make the most or your garden we can also draw up an annual plan. This may include seasonal plantings, colour displays or preparations for a special event – like a wedding or birthday.

We can discuss your garden and your activities with you and come up with a plan to make the most of your landscapes, no matter how large or small.

Note: pond maintenance also available.

Typical Service

Grassed Areas
Removal of extraneous debris
Edge cutting when mowed
Short /long cuts as required
De-thatching when neededWater Features
Cleaning of water
Testing of water pH
Pump assembly-maintenance
Irrigation system maintenance
Garden Beds
Weekly removal of debris
Replanting with seasonal stock
Annual management plan
Weeding on a weekly visit
Fertilizing when needed
Borders maintainedWaste Material
Removal of waste
Waste mulched into existing beds
Compost area created


You’ll Love Our Landscaping 

Our team of landscape architects and horticulturists are available to discuss improvements and potential developments to your garden. We can consult on jobs of any size – ranging from garden bed development to total landscape re-design and renovations

Our customer’s do..

We are very happy to continue with our Horticultural Maintenance Contract and wanted to write to let Bruce know how good the place looks and how much we appreciate Werner and Justin’s hard work.

They are both nice guys who work really hard and our home looks the better for all their tremendous effort.Thanks again.

Brendan & Danielle

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