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Mulch Garden Bed

The complete range

Mulches are a great option for saving water in the garden – while keeping the plants happy (and weeds down!) Decorative mulches can also add colour and texture to a garden or landscaping project.

At BruceWorks we have a wide range of mulches available as both bulk lines and bagged products. So whether you need a truck load, a trailer load or a couple of bags for the veggie patch or garden bed then we have the perfect product for you


Product Name Price per M³ Bagged Price
Random Enviro Mulch $39.95 N/A
Waterwise Mulch $74.95 $16.95
Tanbark 7/14/25mm –  Seasonal $69.95 N/A
Red Decorative Chip $119.95 $16.95
Black Decorative Chip $119.95 $16.95
Forest Litter $43.95 N/A
Eucalyptus Mulch $69.95 $16.95
Forest Fines N/A $16.95
Mini Nuggets N/A $16.95
Forest Fines N/A $16.95
Midnight Mulch N/A $16.95
Pea Straw N/A $18.95
Lucerne N/A $18.95 *Currently Unavailable
Sugar Cane N/A $18.95

Photos are guideline only, actual product may vary in colour. 

Pricing / availability
can change without notice – Delivery from $65

Conditions of delivery: The Supplier’s responsibility for delivery of materials will cease at the kerbside of the job address stated. If it is necessary for a vehicle to cross the foot path or to enter upon private property in the course of effecting the delivery, the purchaser will provide safe and adequate access and notwithstanding will pay for all the damage of any public or private, towing and every injury or wrong which may result therefrom.

It is the delivery driver’s responsibility of judgement as to deem a work safe delivery environment.

Note: pricing and availability can change without notice – please contact us to confirm.

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