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If you’re not so ‘handy’ in the garden, and would rather leave the landscaping to the experts, then BruceWorks offers a complete range of traditional landscaping and landscape design services to revamp, improve or even completely transform your garden or property.

We have have developed a team which allows us to also provide a remodelling service that extends beyond traditional landscaping.

Remodelling builds upon more traditional landscaping concepts by recognising and enhancing existing individual elements in the landscape while also seeking to blend these with new developments to create a unified and harmonious theme.


Landscape Design

To support out landscaping and remodeling services BruceWorks offers a complete range of landscape design services – including an option of a detailed concept plan.

Produced in-house these designs and concept plans provide a clear and concise outline of the proposed works and materials. They may also include planting guides and images to allow you to visualise what is marked on the plan.

Consultancy Options

BruceWorks offers three broad types of consultancy to initiate the landscaping / remodeling process:

  1. Advisory Service -BruceWorks advisory service is a smart starting point for your new investment. It draws upon the skills and expertise of Bruce himself, together with our in house staff combining the landscaping maintenance and building division. Bruce is a licensed builder and can not only advise on appropriate building and landscape options, but has many creative ideas to assist you in obtaining the best advice to suit your needs and budgets.  BruceWorks charges a fee of $180.00 per advisory service which provides you with the opportunity to obtain information and advice during the consultation. Be prepared with plans, sketches wants ideas and questions for Bruce to consider. Bruce can advise of likely costs, materials, construction techniques, planning and approvals, access considerations, cost effectiveness and resale value
  2. Quotation – A quotation can be provided to clients who know exactly what they want and just want a price for how much BruceWorks will charge to complete the job.
    Quotations are provided after an Advisory Service
  3. Concept Plan –  A Concept Plan may be provided as an extension of any advisory with a full-coloured concept diagram and layout of how the garden will be remodeled.

Contact our team to work out which option will work best for your requirements.

Swimming Pools

BruceWorks can also supply the perfect swimming pool for any landscaping / remodelling project. Whether you require a pre-fabricated fibre glass model or a customised concrete creation we can design and install the right pool.
Then integrate it into your landscaping theme or remodelling design.

Pond Maintenance

BruceWorks can do a whole range of pond works from maintenance to revitalising an existing pond. We offer a service that is a $79.95 consultation fee, if the client goes ahead with the work at the completion of their job they will receive the $79.95 back on their final invoice.

Synthetic Grass

As water restrictions and low rainfall have made conventional lawn even more difficult to grow and maintain we have sourced the highest quality synthetic grass and lawn solutions available – and have adapted our landscaping and remodeling designs to take advantage of the unique features of these products.

Decks and Pergolas

BruceWorks can also create a range of beautiful decks, pergolas or any other timber landscaping elements as either stand-alone projects or as part of wider landscaping or remodeling designs. We have a qualified and experienced team of carpenters and landscapers who can implement projects of any size or complexity.


Other landscaping services – Landscaping Services

Other landscaping services offered by BruceWorks include the following:

  • A complete range of water wise gardening solutions
  • Household plumbing & electrical services
  • Fence building and repair
  • Water feature design and installation
  • Paving – driveways and path
  • Irrigation system design and installation
  • Excavation and demolition

Plus much more – contact us with your requirements.

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