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Beyond traditional landscaping

At BruceWorks we have developed a design and landscaping team – plus our Concept Centre – which now allows us to provide a remodelling service that extends beyond traditional landscaping.

Remodelling builds upon more traditional landscaping concepts by enhancing existing exterior (and even interior) elements – while integrating these with new developments to create a unified and harmonious theme.

A lifestyle for life

As remodelling is more of an on-going process than one-off landscape projects it can be implemented in stages – and progressively adapted as the overall concept evolves.

The aim of this remodelling process is to transform your current landscapes and living areas into an integrated space which will help create a lifestyle for life.

The BruceWorks team is in a unique position to provide a complete remodelling service as we can provide all elements of the process. From initial design through to actual implementation we can coordinate and integrate the whole process. We can install, build, renovate, plant, lay and transform your whole landscape – including inside renovations.

Our ability to develop your design, provide both soft and hardscapes, renovate your inside and outside areas, lay synthetic grass and even install your swimming pool is what makes us Canberra’s premier remodelling team.Our Concept Centre also means that you can call in seven days a week and discuss the process with us and see feature displays and materials.

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