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Straightcurve Garden Edging

Bruceworks is proud to introduce Straightcurve Garden Edging to Canberra!

Straightcurve has developed one of the best possible edging solutions that is DIY friendly and meet the requirements of high-end landscaping companies.

Why StraightCurve?

  • Long lasting – Their galvanised range has the thickest possible coating that is guaranteed for 15 years but will most likely last more than 100 years depending on your local conditions and the weathering steel is guaranteed for 10 years but will most likely last for more than 40 years. 
  • Easy to use – Their flexible edging, that we refer to as Flexline, is so flexible and easy to work with that you’re only limitation is your own imagination. It gives when it needs to give and flows effortlessly. No other metal edging product flexes so evenly, giving a perfect result every time with so little effort.




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