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Link Edge is a great product as it lets you design and shape your garden, pavers, driveways and other outdoor areas the way you want. Link Edge looks great in any garden and is a perfect DIY project.

Why buy linkedge over cement, wood, plastic or steel? Here’s why:

  • Cement: It’s expensive to install, maintain and is a time consuming process.
  • Wood : It rots, attracts pests and treated wood can contain nasty chemicals.
  • Plastic : Fades, cracks and not environmental friendly.
  • Steel : Rusts and develops sharp edges which can cut unprotected feet.

Comes in 3m lengths and 3 different heights 50mm, 75mm and 100mm.

DIY video and brochure: Link Edge instructional video Link Edge DIY brochure.


Linkedge Prices 

50mm – $39.95

75mm – $43.95

100mm – $51.95


150mm Spikes – $1.95

300mm Spikes – $2.95

Spike Guides – $2.95

50mm Fishplates – $1.95

75 – 100mm Fishplates – $2.95

50mm Corners – $1.95

75 – 100mm Corners – $2.95



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